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PACE Council

PACE Council charge


To provide guidance and support in achieving the PACE goals

·         To serve as a steering committee

·         To provide leadership for PACE related initiatives including the PACE Center, US1100: University Seminar, and PACE student support

·         To provide oversight for PACE assessment data collection, review results, and offer suggestions for enhancing PACE activities

Initially, the PACE Council will

·         Guide the establishment of the PACE Center

·         Review job descriptions for key PACE Center personnel

·         Guide PACE related curriculum development in US1100

·         Coordinate operations of various student services directly involved with PACE

·         Promote linkage of appropriate student services to PACE activities


PACE Council members

Dean TBA
Assistant Dean and Assessment Coordinator, Advising TBA
Assistant Dean, University Seminar Pamela Wuestenberg
Faculty Representative Brock Brown
Faculty Senate Debra Feakes
Instructional Technology Elizabeth Strand
Library Joan Heath & Patsy Hawthorne
ASG Representative (student) Melanie Ferrari
University College Ronald Brown
Career Services Curtis Schafer
Instructional Technologies Services Mary Cauble
Registrar Martha Fraire
Residence Life Rosann Proite
Retention Management and Planning Jennifer Beck
Student Learning Assistance Center Carol Dochen
Student Services Margarita Arellano
President of Residence Hall Association (student) Wesley Taylor Smith
PACE CENTER Beverly Woodson Day
Athletic Academics David Flores
College Academic Advisor Brian Robinson
General Education Ron Brown
Texas Success Initiative Program Verna Hensen
University College Academic Advisor (undeclared majors) Temple Clark Carter
Applied Arts Liaison TBA
McCoy Business Liaison TBA
Education Liaison TBA
Fine Arts and Communication Liaison TBA
Health Professions Liaison TBA
Liberal Arts Liaison TBA
Science Liaison TBA
Ex-Officio Members: Dr. Joanne Smith, Dr. Michael Heintze, and Dr. Debbie Thorne